Highly recommend! Matt has an incredible way of challenging, encouraging, and entertaining kids. Don’t pass on an opportunity to have Matt visit your classroom!
— Rose Tarullo, Grade 3 teacher, American International School Kuwait
Mr. Smith, you inspired a lot of kids today, but you inspired me the most.
— Bandar, Grade 5 Student, American School of Kuwait
Best PD session I’ve attended in many, many years! Awesome!
— Ann-Marie Moore, teacher at the American School of Kuwait
 Matt teaching comics at the american international school kuwait

Matt teaching comics at the american international school kuwait

What can Matt Smith offer?

Matt Smith has led comics workshops at schools, art galleries and comic conventions across the world. He has taken his workshops to Canada, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, and Mexico.

Matt's comic workshops entertain and engage participants of all ages and writing and drawing abilities. Matt offers interactive, enthusiastic lessons with plenty of hands on activities. These lessons focus on literacy and personal expression.

One of Matt’s core beliefs is that you don’t need to be a great artist to make comics! His favourite mini lesson is the Ten Minute Art Lesson which “illustrates” how comics are more about communication than artistic and anyone can draw a comic!

For schools: Matt can offer workshops to students from kindergarten to grade 12 in a variety of subject areas. Sample lessons include Understanding Comic Language, Drawing More Expressive Illustrations (for younger cartoonists), Creating Comics from the Initial Idea to the Published Page. Matt doesn’t limit his comics lessons to English classes. He has helped students in a variety of subjects create comics in lieu of formal essays, for example.

Matt has also led professional development for teachers on how comics can promote literacy in the classroom.

What do Matt Smith’s workshops look like?

matt smith teaching comics in vancouver

Matt is ENTHUSIASTIC about comics, so his workshops are energetic. The workshops work best in small groups, allowing Matt to interact with as many participants as possible. However, based on the individual convention or school’s needs, certain lessons can be adapted to an auditorium setting.

 matt smith, 2017 -   photo by emma smith

matt smith, 2017 -   photo by emma smith

Who is Matt Smith?

Matt Smith is a cartoonist, filmmaker and educator who has lived all over the world. As a former international school teacher, Matt is able to comfortably lead lessons, co-teach and interact with students. As a certified teacher, Matt spent four years as a technology coach, with a focus on promoting digital literacy. He brings his passion for media, technology and teaching to his comics career. His comics have been published online, in various newspapers in British Columbia, and by comic publishers Frisson Comics, Cuckoo’s Nest Press, Kraken Komiks, and Hangman Comics.

You can see more of his illustrations here.

Matt's interactive instructional book

Why comics?

We live in a world where we are bombarded with messages and imageryWordsillustrations and screens are everywhere. Comics, a marriage of words and pictures, are a great way to de-code the world around us.

Comics are growing in popularity, becoming the reading material of choice for many 10-14 year olds and dominating popular culture. By examining this combination of words and pictures, students strengthen their literacy and become better communicators. Also: comics are fun!

What do teachers say about Matt Smith?

That was the most useful Professional Development workshop I have attended in all of my time in Kuwait! Thank you!
— Roxanne Heuschkel, Teacher at the American School of Kuwait
I was so impressed by Matt’s workshop, he never said anything negative, he just kept encouraging us and gave advice on how to improve. He was a great model for us that day, of how to interact with students constructively.
— Marco Vitt, Science Teacher, Euroamericano Sur, Monterrey, Mexico
From the moment Matt began his workshop, my students were enthralled. His passion, energy, and knowledge about creating comics is undeniable and a huge reason why the children enjoyed their time with him so much. Not only did he teach about the creation of comics with the kids but his workshop for the teachers was fantastic. Matt engaged us and challenged us to incorporate comics into our repertoire of literacy strategies. From start to finish, he was exceptional!
— Kate Fillion, teacher at the American School of Kuwait
You showed a lot of passion during the Professional Development and that motivated our teachers to use comics!
— Pamela Valadez, English Teacher, Euroamericano Valle, Monterrey, Mexico

What do students say about Matt Smith?

I really enjoyed learning with you. You’re really funny and kind.
— Abdulaziz, Grade 5 Student, American School of Kuwait
Mr. Smith, you inspired a lot of kids today, but you inspired me the most.
— Bandar, Grade 5 Student, American School of Kuwait
Thank you, Mr. Smith, for teaching us about how easy it is to make a comic book.
— Habib, Grade 5 Student, American School of Kuwait
You were right! Comics are amazing and easy!
— Lorin, Grade 5 Student, American School of Kuwait

Hire Matt Smith!

If you'd like to book Matt Smith for a workshop, lesson or school visit, please get in touch! Matt is willing to adapt his lessons and workshops to suit an individual school or convention's needs, so please don't hesitate to ask!

You can contact Matt by email at matt@smithvssmith.com