Matt Smith, may 2017 - Photo by emma smith

“Matt Smith is a brilliant cartoonist and he’s only just begun.” - Gareth Gaudin, Magic Teeth Dailies, Legends Comics

Matt Smith is a British/Canadian cartoonist, filmmaker and educator. He has lived all over the world including Malaysia, Japan and Kuwait. He is soon moving to Glasgow, Scotland where he will continue to create comics and facilitate comic workshops. Matt has taken his comics workshops to schools, comic conventions and art galleries in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. In May 2018, Matt facilitated a panel on creating comics at the Vancouver Comics Arts Festival with fellow cartoonist Ryan Howe

He is best known for his humorous autobiographical Smith vs Smith comics, which can be found online at, on the Tapas app and in the Comixology and ComixCentral online stores. You can also buy Smith vs Smith comics in book stores across Canada and the UK. Matt's comics usually focus on travel, the ups and downs of modern relationships, and the joys and frustrations of cat ownership

Matt's comics have been published by:

Matt also appears at comic conventions across Canada and the Middle East where he sells his books and runs workshops for future cartoonists. Some of his past appearances include:

While Matt is best known for his humorous autobiographical Smith vs Smith series, Matt has branched out to the horror genre, creating Gruesome Comics, horror stories written by Matt and illustrated by a host of international artists.