Recourse Materials

Here is a six-panel, blank comic book page. You are free to download, photocopy and share this blank page. 

When you're done, please share your comic with me by e-mail:

I'd love to see what you and your students draw!

Recommended Books

Three Thieves Series - All ages adventure/comedy series by Canadian cartoonist Scott Chantler.

Bone - All ages adventure/fantasy/comedy series. Epic. 

Toon Books- Comics by some of the best cartoonists working today, written for very early readers.

Star Wars Jedi Academy Series - All ages stories set in the Star Wars universe by Jeffery Brown.

Princeless - All ages fantasy with a strong female lead.

Smurf Series - Great for expanding vocabulary through context. Readers have to smurf what they are actually saying.

Recommended Books for Comics Education

Let's Draw Some Comics! A Guide for New Cartoonists by Matt Smith!

Understanding Comics Making Comics by Scott McCloud

Tech Resources

Strip Designer - iOS app for making comics.

Comic Life - iOS app & computer program for making comics.

Pixton - Online comic creator.