Matt's Birthday 3


This is the 101st comic I've published on! I've been slowly updating my website so if you haven't read all 101, check out my newly redesigned archive page or start at the beginning and tell me how crappy my art used to be!

This comic is the third in the "Matt's Birthday" saga. Go back to the beginning and read them all! I had an amazing birthday (they've all been amazing since I've been with Emma, honestly). Emma spoiled me (she got me the Lego Millennium Falcon)! 

Victoria Comic Book Expo 2

More exploits from my first comic convention, the Victoria Comic Book Expo. I've got a few more convention appearances booked this summer. Come and say hi!

It was really great meeting fellow Fernwood cartoonist Axel (creator of Roach Town) and colouring book creator Shea Proulx. It was so awesome talking about making comics and the life of a freelance artist. Check out their stuff!

If you're interested in my comics with light swearing, wife-swapping jokes and cats licking themselves, check out my brand new online store! Or if you live in Victoria, head over to Legends Comics

Emma Reads Smith vs Smith

This comic is a little late, but I was busy all week putting together my next comic collection, "There's Plenty of Emmas in the World," which will feature over 50 Smith vs Smith strips and brand new material! Available soon!

This comic doubles as homework for my Vancouver Island School of Art Design Class. I had to create a repeating pattern. I do like using class assignments for Smith vs Smith strips.