Kuwaiti Cats in Canadian Snow

I attended the University of Victoria from 2005 to 2008 (fun fact: Smith vs Smith was originally published for the first time in UVic's Martlet). In all my years in Victoria, it only snowed one time (and everyone lost their minds). I've recently spent four years in Kuwait, where it hardly even rained. So it was a HUGE deal for me and the cats that it snowed last week in Victoria (Emma was mostly annoyed by the ice on the car). We've seen how vocal Neo can be, but Thor never meows so this was a big deal. 

This comic was inspired by the following photograph:

The cartoonist Elaine M. Will was a huge help with this week's comic. She told me how she achieved the snow in her graphic novel Look Straight Ahead

shared with elaine m will's permission

shared with elaine m will's permission

Look Straight Ahead and Elaine's other book, Dust Ship Glory are both great reads and both available from Cuckoo's Nest Press. Give them a read! 

Emma and I are heading back to Scotland in a week for Christmas with her family. I'm working hard to finish some comics for various anthologies as well as trying to get ahead on Smith vs Smith strips so I can relax over the winter break. Lots to do!