Today's comic originally appeared in the Camosun College Nexus Newspaper. This was my 18th and last comic to be published in the Nexus. My first comic they published was the instant classic Trust. Huge thanks to publisher Greg Pratt for giving Smith vs Smith a home in the paper for this past year.

If you're living in Victoria, you can still read Smith vs Smith in the University of Victoria's Martlet and you can always read Smith vs Smith right here or follow on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr

Emma and I are in the process of relocating to the Middle East. Once we are settled and my office is all set up, expect comics to be released more frequently. In the meantime, why not go back and re-read all 130 Smith vs Smith comics from the start!?!

Renovations 2

This week's comic is a sequel to last week's Renovations 1. After being on the road for six comic conventions across British Columbia, Emma and I were excited to relax at my parents' house in Courtenay, BC, but they had other ideas. Make sure you scroll back to read all about it!

See you in a week for another comic! Emma and I are in the processing of moving back to the Middle East and once we are settled, expect comics to be published with more frequency!

Movie Night

Today's Smith vs Smith comic originally appeared in the University of Victoria's Marlet student newspaper. If you live in Victoria, keep an eye out for issues of the Martlet to see Smith vs Smith comics early!

Update: I STILL haven't seen Walk the Line, but funnily enough: it played a crucial role in the Smith vs Smith Superior Sibling Challenge Cup



Emma and I are leaving Victoria. We moved to the island in the summer of 2016 so I could focus on comics and Emma could attend art school. The time has flown by!

I won't reveal where we are moving to yet, but I CAN tell you where to find us this weekend!

Emma will be joining me for two comic cons this week: On Saturday May 6th (Free Comic Book Day!) you can find us at the Curious Comicon in Nanaimo, BC. Sunday, May 7th, we will be back in Victoria at Cherry Bomb Toys' Ultimate Hobby & Toy Fair. Come by and say hi, and get some comics

Sick Day

This comic originally appeared in UVic's Martlet. If you're in Victoria over the summer, keep an eye out for more Smith vs Smith comics every month in the Martlet! 

Over the past two weekends I attended two comic conventions, the Camosun Comics Art Festival and the Courtenay In-CON Family Gaming Convention. I had a great time at both, selling my comics and picking up books from some amazing Canadian creators. Check out my haul:

CCAF & In-CON Swag

You can see me next at the Curious ComicCon in Nanaimo on May 6th and then the Ultimate Hobby & Toy Fair in Victoria on May 7th. Come by and say hi!

Matt's Birthday 3

This is the 101st comic I've published on! I've been slowly updating my website so if you haven't read all 101, check out my newly redesigned archive page or start at the beginning and tell me how crappy my art used to be!

This comic is the third in the "Matt's Birthday" saga. Go back to the beginning and read them all! I had an amazing birthday (they've all been amazing since I've been with Emma, honestly). Emma spoiled me (she got me the Lego Millennium Falcon)!