Today's comic originally appeared in the Camosun College Nexus Newspaper. This was my 18th and last comic to be published in the Nexus. My first comic they published was the instant classic Trust. Huge thanks to publisher Greg Pratt for giving Smith vs Smith a home in the paper for this past year.

If you're living in Victoria, you can still read Smith vs Smith in the University of Victoria's Martlet and you can always read Smith vs Smith right here or follow on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr

Emma and I are in the process of relocating to the Middle East. Once we are settled and my office is all set up, expect comics to be released more frequently. In the meantime, why not go back and re-read all 130 Smith vs Smith comics from the start!?!

Movie Night

Today's Smith vs Smith comic originally appeared in the University of Victoria's Marlet student newspaper. If you live in Victoria, keep an eye out for issues of the Martlet to see Smith vs Smith comics early!

Update: I STILL haven't seen Walk the Line, but funnily enough: it played a crucial role in the Smith vs Smith Superior Sibling Challenge Cup

Cats at Night

Lots of exciting news this week! First of all, my mini comic, "Three Crushes: Tales of Middle School Heartbreak" is now on sale at Legends Comics & Books in Victoria, BC. If you're in the city, head to 633 Johnson Street to pick up your copy today! Legends is a great store and they are so amazing to support local indie creators.

Last week, on February 1st, I took the Hourly Comic Day challenge and created a comic for every hour I was awake. If you follow Smith vs Smith on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you could have followed along live, but if not, I've collected the whole day here. Even if you saw the comics as they were released, it might be fun to read through the day from start to finish!

This week's comic was originally published in the January 18th issue of the Camosun Nexus student paper. Not only is Smith vs Smith appearing in the Nexus, you can also see Smith vs Smith in the Fernwood Village Vibe and the University of Victoria Martlet. THREE newspapers in Victoria, BC!

In 2017, I'm trying to push myself to do something different with each comic. I wanted to try a different page layout. This "inset" layout was inspired by an assignment I completed for the online Kadenze Comics: Art in Relationships course. Below is the original layout:

And here you can see the page I created for Kadenze: 

Can you tell who was the model for Deedee?

Look out for more panel experimentations in the future. If you want to see some of the work produced by other Kadenze comic students, check out the Sci Fi anthology we put together.