Last Day in Kuwait

After packing everything up ahead of schedule, we had very little to do in the apartment aside from staring at the wall... Emma and I are both in Scotland for the new two months staying with her parents. Despite being on summer vacation, I'm determined to update the webcomic every Tuesday! I will be making comics soon about our summer! If you can't wait another full week to see some Smith vs Smith content, please follow me on Instagram @smithvssmithcomics


After several years teaching in Kuwait, Emma and I are moving on... We will be spending the summer in Scotland before relocating to Canada where Emma is attending art school and I will be studying comics and graphic novels at Camosun College

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When I first started making comics, I never would have guessed how many comics about cats I would be writing... 

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Life in Kuwait

As my time in Kuwait draws to a close, I want to create more comics that show what life is like in Kuwait. The first panel shows our neighbourhood on my walk to school. 
I created this page for an online comics course I'm taking through the California College of the Arts. This week's assignment is to look at how time is used in comics and create a comic that take place over a second, an hour and a day. Check out the one hour comic and check back in next Wednesday for the one second comic!